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SMS - iPhone6 FutureText Me

Coming to iTunes –

Timed_Traveller   •   October 05, 2014   •   0 Comment

In about 1 week after Apple approves our app you will be able to FutureText Me. We’ve been hard at work ensuring the build will work just right for you. Built in SWIFT for iOS8. • Schedule an SMS/Text Message to any mobile phone in the world • Send Private Messages to users in the […]

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FutureText Me Drive safely

FutureText Me Photos

Timed_Traveller   •   September 03, 2014   •   0 Comment

FutureText Me Photos, it’s so easy to FutureText Me an image. FutureText Me launches in the fall when iOS8 is released to the public. An app which lets you send an SMS or Private Message now and schedules the delivery for later. Great for the Timed Traveller when in another time zone.

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