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Future Text Message

Time Zone API

Timed_Traveller   •   August 11, 2014   •   0 Comment

Developer implementing TimeZone API – it’s the flux Capacitor so one can FutureText Me – Test flight coming soon! FutureText Me Formula / ENever=mc squared Some ask: Why Timed Travel is so hard? Answer: If we are Sending a text message at 10 p.m. July 19th 2014 (California) time Text would not be delivered until […]

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Future Text message

Future of SMS

Timed_Traveller   •   August 06, 2014   •   0 Comment

Still in stage one. Future of SMS – Have already figured out credit and login system. Beta testing for iOS8 in SWIFT. Stage 1 of user experience. So far so good. Right now it’s 10:30 in La, however it’s 1:30 in NYC – With future text me you can send your sms out now, so […]

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